Fat Free Fat Cells in Fabric!

Ok everyone, don’t laugh too hard but here is my first attempt at a blog! I’d like to say I’ll be posting weekly but we’ll have to see what the universe has to say about that. (It is bigger than I am)
My current goals are to continue learning and growing in my fiber filled nest, contrary to my husband’s declaration that I should become famous so he can just drive as a hobby. We might talk more about him at a later date.
Living in New Hampshire and loving the out of doors (mostly without snow) my work is greatly inspired and influenced by nature. I love using color to express feelings like basking in sunshine or relaxing by a babbling brook, then adding texture and fibers and beads to pull you in further.
My most recent piece was for L’Attitude Gallery in Boston for which I do a lot of work and it depicted a ‘Fat Cell’ microscopically. Now, why did they choose ME for the FAT CELL? I ask you! I used heavy quilting in the background, (Boy, tough black on black!) with wool roving for the red and fused and appliquéd the circles then inked and quilted in details. The piece was then wrapped around a ‘wooden’ canvas. 18” x 24”
Currently I am in Salt Lake City celebrating an early Christmas with family and gathering inspiration as I go! The scenery here is out of this world!
After the New Year I will begin work on a piece for Art Esprit in Rochester, NH for an outdoor sculpture to be on display for the summer.

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