Michele O'Neil Kincaid

Michele O’Neil Kincaid

Artist Statement
In the 35 plus years I’ve considered myself an artist I’ve explored mediums from pen and ink, oils and watercolors to mixed media all the while sewing garments and home decoration items for family and friends moving up to designing and making Wedding dresses and formal wear. No matter where my art took me I always returned to textiles for the self expression and fulfillment I craved. In the natural progression of life my art and fiber merged into a form I describe as “Traditional quilting run amok”! My pieces are very dimensional and tactile incorporating beads and stones and shells with fibers and paint and ink to convey the desired organic emotions. I have no high hopes to save the planet in one felled swoop, but prefer to inspire a joyful response, for the viewer to say “I saw something beautiful today”.
A New Hampshire native, I cherish the natural wonders around me and strive to express this love in my work to gift the viewer with a glimpse into my universe.

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