PS. SAQA of ME, NH, VT regional meeting 2014

Hello to all sister quilters (and brothers). As the Regional rep for SAQA, Studio Art Quilters Association, ME, NH, VT, I have scheduled a meeting open to all (members or interested) to be held at Seacoast Sewing Center on Rt 1 in Portsmouth NH on Sun. Feb. 23, from 1:30-5pm. Come with or without a ‘snack’ to share. We will be discussing the year ahead and what our goals are. I will be announcing an exhibit theme I hope to have at the World Quilt Show in Manchester in August, and another I’m cooking up!
Please RSVP by Sun. Feb 16th so we have enough chairs.

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January organizing days!


Well the Holidays are past, safe and cozy in my memories, and now I must swing into preparations for the 2014 shows!  My theme for Sunapee this year is “Sticks and Stones” or if you prefer, Rocks and Trees… I will have a Demo/Sales booth and will be sewing up a storm right there in front of God and everyone!  So, to begin my labors I’ve cleaned my studio to within an inch of its life and have layed out my priorities for production!

My sweet daughter Beth is endeavoring to take me into the 21st century (kicking and screaming) by setting me up with an Etsy shop!  That’s where my expertise ends folks.  Hoping to get that going in a couple of weeks….Stay tuned…

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October is a luscious month!

Had a lovely 2 mile walk tonight.  The fragrance of October is fabulous. While walking I ‘cook’ ideas for new pieces, observing the glorious leaves, golden pine needles and soaking in the quiet and peace and seeing inspiration everywhere!  Sunday I’ll be celebrating the fact that 35 years ago I married my soul mate. Happy Autumn to all!

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SAQA Maine Event

The Maine Event Sept. 20-22 was FANTASTIC!  It was a gathering of almost 40 fiber artists (yes, we are all artists ladies!!) getting together and sharing new techniques and products.  I taught a workshop using Paverpol fabric hardener and I think I created some monsters. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes in next year for show and tell!  (Sept. 12-14, 2014 and you don’t have to be a SAQA member)  We had a wonderful tie dye workshop that I helped wash out at midnight that turned me into a ‘smurf’! (blue hands)  See what I do for you all!!?  Others were , a great thread painting class, mini lectures on using photoshop and/or photos in your work, using sheers and a great tool to cut them!!, using sharpies and alcohol to paint or embellish fabric, and a wonderful slideshow of an exhibit by our two Canadian girls! (Congratulations)  We are looking for more SAQA reps from ME, NH, and VT so if anyone is so inclined please contact me!! It’s not labor intensive and you DO get alot out of it. Photos to follow

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It’s September 3rd and I’m in NY at a truck stop

With hubby for the last week of my 3 week jaunt around the country with him.  We’ve been to FL, MI, KY, IN, PA ……. The view from the passenger seat of a big rig is very interesting.  If some of you ‘four wheelers’, as you’re called, knew how hard these drivers try to not roll over you you’d be a little more careful!  OK, end of lesson today.  Speaking of lessons, I’m working on samples for my upcoming classes in Paver pol (Sept), Sumac (Feb), and JaMn Tulips (May) and gathering inspiration for lots more!  Also in ‘production’ are a bunch of ‘Tiny Textures from Nature’ that I will be posting in this blog!  Woo Hoo, getting into tech stuff! (I hope) Now just have to figure out how to link with my facebook page.  Happy Quilting!

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