“Cascade” collaborative effort

Cascade 16″ x 23″
This piece was a collaborative effort with William Mitchell, a serigraph artist from Dover, NH. It was conceived to look like a serigraph from a distance and when you get closer you realize it’s a quilt!  We started with a photograph of a small waterfall.

(1) William did the original painting
(2) I made the fabric ‘top’
(3) William then silk screened over the fabric

I layered the top with batting and backing and quilted and hand beaded the water; William then framed it in a maple frame.

(1) Original painting

(2) First layer fabric

(3) silkscreen on fabric

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More Small Stuff

Here are a few more pieces for the Striving Artist Project. The winter is being kind so far and I have ideas swirling around in my head, I just need to catch some of them!

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Trunk Show “Metamorphosis of a Quilt Artist”

Come see the roots from whence this artist sprang. From humble wool squares through bridal design to the latest creations of ‘quilt sculpture’! The natural imagery will transport you to the great outdoors and back through the abstract emotions of color.Trunk show will be held May 8,2012 sponsored by the Sea Breeze Quilters Guild at the Senior Center in Exeter, NH on 30 Court St.

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Extreme Texture

In this class we will begin with a simple pieced or whole cloth background.  The object being to add as much texture and dimension as we can.  We’ll use: scrunching, gathering, stuffing, hand and machine quilting, couching, and beading. Best results with a great piece of hand painted or dyed fabric.

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Tree of Life Primitive

This workshop will use my Great Grandmothers layout to style and develop one that is significant to you and your family.  After choosing symbols and images to suit you we will then form them to blend with the design and begin.  This is a hand appliqued piece and we will lay out and baste all components in class and begin sewing.  You will complete at home.

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